World WellBeing Week 2021

World WellBeing Week originated in Jersey, Channel Islands, in 2019 and has since then become a world-wide phenomenon. WWBW is an opportunity to raise awareness and engage in activities that support our mental health and well-being on multiple levels, and this year The Pear and the City of Port Adelaide Enfield have decided to join in with a range of exciting events, conversations and workshops.

Between June 21 and June 29, the following workshops will be happening at The Pear.

If you would like to attend any of the workshops, please register by sending an email to There are limited spots for each workshop!

Monday June 21, 10am: Tea & Mindfulness by Belinda Hellyer [Free]
Tuesday June 22, 10am: Mental Health & Well-Being Conversation with Prof. Eimear Muir-Cochrane [Free]
Wednesday June 23, 10am: Create your own Healing Balm with Dean Gaston [$2 donation]
Thursday June 24, 10am: Joyful Dance with Savitri [$5]
Thursday June 24, 11.30am-1pm: Chakra & Energy Work by Savitri [$3 for 15 minutes]
Friday June 25, 10am: Laughter Yoga with Sharon Stewart [$5]
Monday June 28, 10am: Brain Development & Emotional Connection for Parents with Relationships Australia SA [Free]
Tuesday June 29, 10am: Drawing as Meditation with Koruna Schmidtmumm [Free]