Tai Chi with neighbour Carol

On Friday mornings, neighbour Carol teaches a free Tai Chi class under the verandah at The Pear. With the Covid-19 physical distancing requirements, this is no longer possible. Tai Chi, however, is a really great meditative practice that many of us will benefit from, especially in this difficult time. That’s why Carol kindly agreed to be filmed doing her entire class!

If you would like to print off the form sheets for the individual routines, you can download them here:

Chi Kung – form sheet
The Power of Tai Chi – form sheet
Tai Chi 8 Form – form sheet
Tai Chi 16 Form – form sheet
Tai Chi 24 Form – form sheet
The Lotus – form sheet

You will also soon be able to download the accompanying music here:

Chi Kung – music
The Power of Tai Chi – music
Tai Chi 8 Form – music
Tai Chi 16 Form – music
Tai Chi 24 Form – music
The Lotus – music