Semaphore Compost Network

In February 2019, The Pear has joined the Semaphore Compost Network.

The Network is a local initiative that aims to discover the last uses for leftover food, outside of commercial composting and landfill. Local chooks, worm farms and gardens benefit greatly from food scraps and coffee grounds and close the loop to achieve endless benefits for our communities and environment. Diverting kitchen scraps and coffee grounds from landfill and commercial composting facilities saves water, energy and transport costs and benefits ecologically sound small scale urban agriculture.

Anyone from the community can sign up to do a regular food scraps or coffee grounds pick up from The Pear. We have 10L tubs with lids, that you can take home and bring back clean to be filled up.

Interested in doing a pick up?
Get in touch with Annemijn on or pop in to the cafe.

As part of the Network, The Pear will report how many kilos of green waste we divert on a weekly basis.