The Neighbourhood Care Project

Based in Alberton (SA) and surrounding suburbs, The Neighbourhood Care Project is our community’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It aims to keep people connected and supported, whilst physically distancing ourselves from each other. Through public art projects, small acts of kindness, sharing skills and knowledge, and most importantly by facilitating practical support for people in our community, the aim is to keep building social connections in a time of physical isolation that will last well beyond the end of this pandemic. The Neighbourhood Care Project connects neighbours that need help with neighbours that can help, and finds new ways of staying engaged with other people in the neighbourhood.

We know the people in the neighbourhood have the potential to be resilient and to bounce back stronger. The Neighbourhood Care Project provides tools, materials and support to do exactly that. 

Join The Neighbourhood Care Project Group on Facebook

The Neighbourhood Care Project Group provides a space to create online get-togethers and to share ideas, good news stories, experiences, pictures of our neighbourhood(s), jokes, requests for help and offers of support through the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

Think of it as an online extension of all the connections we have made and would continue to make over coffee and chats at The Pear. We can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces and your great ideas on there.

Become a Neighbourhood Care Volunteer

The Neighbourhood Care Project links neighbours who need help with neighbours who can help. By keeping it local, we can continue to build connections that will last beyond this crisis.

As more and more people will be quarantined and (self-) isolated because they are sick or need to keep themselves and others safe, the more we will need to call on each other for support and help with simple tasks. Think about things like shopping, picking up prescriptions and mail, walking the dog and mowing the lawn.

If you would like to volunteer in your neighbourhood (Alberton, Cheltenham, Queenstown, Pennington or Rosewater), please send us an email and we will be in touch with you soon. Before we share with you how you can take on volunteering tasks, we will ask you to send in a copy of your ID (driving licence or passport) and your police certificate or DCSI screening (if you have one).

If you would like to start a Neighbourhood Care group in your own neighbourhood, we will happily share how to get started! Just get in touch.

For more information, send an email to

Please note that this is a community-led initiative and that The Neighbourhood Care Project is not an incorporated entity in itself.