Village Membership

For the last 4 years, The Pear has been our ‘Neighbourhood Node’: a place at the heart of our community where neighbours can meet each other over coffee and conversations, share skills and interests and participate in regular activities and community events. We have gotten to know many of you and together we have organised many successful activities and events that have brought people together. 

In 2022, we want to take our Neighbourhood Node further than The Pear, deeper into our neighbourhood and to the next level. 

With the support of a grant from the Department of Social Services, we will be expanding our activity program and establishing a neighbour-to-neighbour volunteering program that will support people in our area and contribute to building strong local connections. 

And we would love it if you were a part of that! 

Membership of Neighbourhood Node is about belonging to and building a supportive and resilient community. Through the Covid pandemic, we have all experienced how important local connections are. Being a member of Neighbourhood Node will help you to connect with others through sharing, learning, participating and exploring things you feel passionate about. It will also help us to communicate with you more directly, and help us to direct our energy towards activities and events that you are interested in. It also enables you to be part of our neighbour-to-neighbour volunteering program, if you need some support (now or in the future) or if you are keen to help someone else out. 

As a member, you will be a part of the future of our Neighbourhood Node.

To become a Neighbourhood Node Member, you can: 

  • Pick up a Membership Form from The Pear 
  • Ask your regular activity volunteer for a Membership Form 
  • Email to request a Membership Form
  • Soon access an online membership form via this page