Stories From Our Neighbourhood: The Pear

This weekend The Pear is celebrating one year since opening with nothing less than a ‘Neighbourhood Street Party’. Since opening, the neighbourhood has embraced The Pear as a place to meet new and old friends, to get good coffee, and to have a chat. The Pear’s aim has always been to reduce social isolation (particularly amongst older people), to connect neighbours with neighbours and to make people proud of living in Alberton.

This ‘Stories From Our Neighbourhood’ video is part of a project by the City of Port Adelaide Enfield in partnership with the Media Resource Centre. The filmmakers followed the renovation of The Pear in 2017, our opening on January 27, 2018 and our first few months. This video shows why we opened and why spaces like our are so important.

It’s the beginning of our story.

Stories From Our Neighbourhood: The Pear

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